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About Us

We are a family basis, with over 10 years of experience cleaning Homes, we love to clean and do it best…..

We are a fast-growing cleaning company based in South London. Our location allows us to easily reach clients throughout London. We are a team of 50 cleaners and four people based in our head office in London.

It all started back in December  of 2006, I had worked as a cleaner for several years and found that many companies in the London area just weren’t proud of their work and it showed. So I started  Spectacular Cleaning Services to be a company where customers could count on professionalism, courteous service that always exceeded their expectations. We started out with only a handful of clients, but as they discovered how dedicated and professional we were, they quickly recommended us to their friends and we have grown by leaps and bounds.

Since our humble beginnings back in 2006, we have worked hard to gain the confidence and trust of all of our clients, and even though our numbers have grown, I take great pride in maintaining a personal relationship with each and every client. I am always available to answer questions, hear your concerns, or just to take your compliments that I will gladly pass on to your cleaner!

Thanks for taking the time to look through our website, and I do hope that you will give us a ring as we’d be happy to tidy up your home!



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